Nairobi attack.
My heartfelt condolences to the family friends of the bereaved but we,in one way or another have been greatly affected today and so many others due to search attacks.
I hope a solution will be found to curb future attacks,we are tired of these attackers and their demonstration of ‘power’. This is a sign of human weakness,how do you kill innocent shoppers in a mall? Man up and kill in broad daylight then,so we know how serious you are,but stop killing children,you don’t have a right to kill anyone!
Please try to keep calm as the solution is trying to be found,keep following the news too.


Sunday is a reflection day

What do you do on this day? It is certainly the only day of the week when you have time to reflect on what to do the coming week,time to make amends and time for self improvements in preparation for a new week. Bonding with family in different ways with kids or family members,must be put into consideration.
It is also time to prepare for a more productive week ahead.Find time to bond with God,yourself and simply have a me time.You could also find some fun activities to do on this day like some baking of bread or trying a new dish or just relax in bed,depending on what works with you or for you.Some sites also have identified some ways to spend this free day,find time to read and see what is cool for you,it may trigger an awesome activity which can become a family tradition after a while.

Domestic quarell

Recently, there is an increase in men being killed or women being slain in cold blood. These trend is worrying. You stop to ask yourself what is going on here and what s lacking in these marriages or partnership. I say, if you are not compatible or the love is gone, please let the person go rather than kill, murder. Who are you? His mother or father? His parents? His family? Stop with the killings, you are not a life giver the one responsible for taking other people’s lives is God and God alone. No matter how long you have been in your relationship of have given your life into it to build your love, never ever kill. It is wrong and this will haunt you forever for sure. Let God take control.

Keep telling yourself that no matter what, you deserved and deserve the best so never belittle yourself by killing someone. Pick yourself up and run,run,run.Mend life ahead and make the most of it,stop being around people who make you so angry.Love who you are.

Keep praying for strength and keep saying that you did your best to make your marriage or relationship work…never be too hard on yourself. Be strong and say that your children will be the biggest loser if anything bad happens.

Children and celebrities

Who is a celebrity? I believe this is one person who is a role model and a model example to most parents or kids and one would want their kids to be a model example to the rest of the kids or world. There are some of these celebrities who don’t make so good examples,they don’t reflect certain aspects of the society and it’s norms.I am not judging but there are is certain behaviour that isn’t so nice,it is outrageous!!!

Recent behaviour by Miley Cyrus in the Video Music Awards wasn’t one that i expected from the Hannah Montana’s fame lady.I was shocked but who i am to judge,maybe it is part of growing up?
A caution to all the youngsters out there,make your own rules and don’t follow a celebrity. Everyone’s definition of morality is different.Let a celebrity be you,be a model to your peers and others around you.

People are different and as they grow up,morality and it’s definition changes.Be firm and never be swayed by the world.If you are a child celebrity,please teach positive and upright behaviour as others are looking up to you. Being expressive and explosive is awesome, but have boundaries. I insist, always be you.

Happily ever after in real life

Marriages are failing and couples are resorting to murder.If a man or woman is feeling threatened,in terms of money security or they are going to be left lonely or just about anything in their lives,they are resulting in very heinous ways of solving their marital problems.But,here, i have a classic example of a man and woman who against all odds have defied all and conquered all and made it through marriage by all means.

I am enjoying this story,why don’t you if you enjoy the world of marriage bliss.This is intriguing,read it and maybe it will make your marriage or negativity towards marriage change or maybe you will embrace marriage.

Down but not out,sickness

Hello,it’s been quite a while since I was here.Sometimes as human beings we go through some life situations that either strengthen or weaken us.Sickness,for example is one of the challenges we face as humans.

Whatever your sickness is,what is consuming your body may be something very dangerous or something very that is almost taking your life or your loved ones life  away.

You have to know that no matter what,never despair,never give up hope on a loved one or even yourself.Give your self hope and faith that no matter your life situation it will be better.

Always remember to keep in touch with people you say you love,you don’t want to wait until they are either too ill or dead to connect with them.

Lift someone’s spirit all the time and compliment another person,stop being mean with words,be generous.Uplift people’s mood and make them feel alive.

Give thanks,about all that you have and don’t have.Don’t wait until you have got no strength to say thank you.

Give glory to the Almighty and know and believe He is the maker of this universe and everything in it.He Has the power to enable you overcome the difficulty in your life and your situation.

This bodies become weak in sickness,but definitely we get better.After getting better,know that you have a chance to fight for some few more days months or years and you have a chance to make amends in your life.

Hello my people,I have been away for a while not because I don’t love you but because I was down,but am not out.How have you been?I have missed you all.I will moderate all your comments and for the numerous likes on here and to my new followers,cheers!

I hope you are all doing better and my message will help someone feel uplifted and new.Thank you and that is for missing you a lot.Keep reading and never give up. Thank you all.

Difference between dad and father

A few weeks ago,we celebrated Father’s Day and I kept wondering then asking ‘What or who is a father and who is a dad’.Fortunately after wondering I came up with some answers,some comparisons and a conclusion,thereafter.

There is a quote that I came across “Any man can be father,but it takes someone special to be a daddy”…I concur.Daddies love their children whether biological or not.Fathers are sperm donors.

A dad sticks with the children with love and care and empathy a father has the DNA set up of the kid/s and they are just a male figure nothing more.

A dad is so much aware of a child’s development be it the approach of periods,pregnancy,beards breaking of voice and generally of the physical developments of his children,emotional and any other.

A dad is aware of the children likes and dislikes,is very active in his role and above all fulfils his responsibilities.

A dad is not necessarily the originator or the DNA carrier,he maybe a male member of the society who fulfils or qualifies for the father role.

Dads are like guides,they guide and counsel and do it with an open ear and heart,very tender.

These two words are simply like titles that help a child or people to give roles to different people or status in society but  they have deeper meaning.

In conclusion,a father is generally a ‘distant’ male figure and father is to nature while a dad is to nurture.As a woman,be careful who you open your life to there are so many fathers as fatherhood is the simplest role on earth.A dad  role  is someone you must be looking for in the future man you want to date,a man to have these qualities,who is dedicated and is not intimidated whatsoever!

And if you are married to a man with father qualities,be sure to at least pray for him with him to come closer to God and change for the better be an example to your kids.

What do you think and to men out there,where are you?Let’s keep this discussion going…!Have a thoughtful day!