After the baby…

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After the baby…

This craze of gaining and losing weight is sometimes so blinding. Women who have just given birth are focusing on some things not so important like having a flat tummy after birth? Shift your attention to your bundle of joy and not after weight.
Our bodies respond differently during and after birth and we can never be the same. For some women,they gain weight for some they lose…this is entirely dependant on your body. Appreciate your body as it is and months later you can regain your weight or get back to shape.
There is always one thing i did when i gave birth,simple and non stressing…tie a scarf or as we call it a kanga around your waist and your tummy will deflate,afterwards you can exercise to your best.
But for now,baby joy should be making you beam and walk around the house with that scarf,no stress.
After some months,like three to six, you will not have so much stress going back to shape.

Note: The scarf must be tied tight to your waist until you get back to your original shape. Meanwhile,look at the following article and mull over the content…

Hand care tips

Before I go on to give tips for my hand care that i do at home…I love all the comments you are putting up there,words of encouragement for sure.If you have got a question on anything please be sure to post it on here and within no time  I will get back to you with an approved suggestion or from other blogs or opinions from other people,who have been there done that.Don’t lose patience and keep reading as more responses are coming and juicy topics to be precise.As for subscriptions,yes do go ahead and subscribe to my blog updates,tell me what is working down in my blog and what is not in the subscriptions.Thank You once again and most welcome to my new followers,I am very grateful,you all are awesome.

Now to home care hand tips,first hands can easily be neglected.Rough hands can be a turn off and sometimes embarrassing  to even shake hands.There is a solution though for everything.We frequently use our hands and that makes it very easy for us to stop caring for them.I have a simple step way of caring for your hands.During the day,we end up washing our hands so often,that is drying them,depriving them of moisture,but there is a solution!At night when we go to sleep,we rarely use our hands though,this is the time to make your hands softer just like a baby’s.

Wash your hands before you go to sleep,very nicely with soap and water,then apply some generous amount of lotion or Vaseline and you are good to sleep and wake up to soft textured hands.Simple and easy!

If you still having rough hands after this another article is coming up for dealing with stubborn hands.For the meantime let me see what I can put up for further enlightenment.

homemade and cheaper beauty tips for women

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand,but many women worry so much which skin products to use,normally because most of the beauty products are way too expensive.Ever thought of turning any of your kitchen products into make up kit?Try and you will never regret,as the remaining unused product can definitely be eaten…no regrets,no waste materials.If you can afford ,this is easier and cheaper especially during this economic hardships but a woman got to be beautiful,no matter what,pamper yourself women!!I was trying out with some concealer to hide some acne spots some time ago and as a beginner I made a mistake and guess what?I got terrible wrinkles under my eyes like I was so aged.I tried out some eye remedy and am sure you know what am talking about,cucumber.What is the pronunciation really?ha ha to me it’s just that,cucumber…back to work.Slice this vegetable and put it on your eye and relax lying on your back for 20-30 minutes and request for no interruptions.What is the result afterwards?Refreshing,right?

Yummy avocados,I know most people don’t love eating them as they are fatty?Use them to make a face-mask then and see how marvellously they work .I pound my avocado with a spoon,use a blender if you want,then apply it as thick as it is.Let it sit for a while and wash it off,your face will feel so nice and refreshing.I encourage that during any beauty regimen please relax and be with yourself.Ever learnt of lemon and it’s medicinal value or drying agent hence a good remedy for people with acne prone face like mine especially during my periods.I directly squeeze the lemon juice in a cotton ball then gently massage on skin.Then afterwards,rinse off the lemon as leaving it for a while on the skin is so irritating sometimes.Tell me of a way that has worked for you and share it with others who got acne break outs.

I don’t stick to boring routines,I normally try “everything” natural and see the results,what works for me and what does not.Not all home goods will work,we all got different face types.You get results after trying.I am going to try a parsley toner and get to you with results and of home-made toothpaste,perfume or deodorant and most importantly a conditioner.I will keep you posted on this following topics,simple yet natural.

Am not at all disclaiming commercial beauty products,L’oreal,Iman  and other beauty companies are in business because of women who have got money and have less time for doing make up themselves.I encourage for women to go natural,though.I also use water ,warm water or a little warmer,not so warm to burn me though,I take a face towel and wash my face with no soap,it works and rejuvenates me instantly.Warm water helps cleanse the skin or wash make up naturally.Then apply baby oil and you are good to sleep.That is if you don’t have fruits or vegetables or the designer make up kit.

Give me results…I have got so many links in today’s article to keep you informed and reading.Eat healthy and drink lots of water and always try to exercise,when I say exercise,I never mean that go to the gym,walk is always part of it.And what about this other link for home-made beauty products?Use what you have,of course and can afford. love Henry happened articles and had to share,this site has got an extensive range of products for every woman and most are locally available and read and apply and give back the results.

#Beauty #fashion #inexpensive #pedicure #home treat

English: A pedicure in progress.

English: A pedicure in progress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beauty,caring for oneself is every woman’s dream of keeping a woman’s head high and ensuring that she walks with a #high class strut.I simplify these #pedicure treats for a woman who is running on a tight #budget  or just wants to spend time with herself and family.Give your #husband a treat once in a while,it’s a way of #bonding.A beautician is in business and if you got the money of course visit one for a chic exclusive appearance.Please no matter what you do,always make sure to maintain your #inner beauty as inner beauty is a #priceless gift from #God.

Now Feet,feet,feet…who cares for their feet if you do then i simplify the methods here and if don’t,please get up from that comfort chair and get started.I had neglected my feet for a while but i did home discovery of how to treat them and have a soft heel,follow this and give me the results.Requirements:very warm water but not exactly burning to the extent of screaming,a small rounded stick not sharp,a #pumice stone and a basin or whatever  suits best i prefer a basin.This is normally done once or twice per week but it depends on how often you walk or wear flip flops.

Squeeze the #lemon juice  in the warmer water and sit down comfortably,put #feet in the water for 5-10 minutes doing nothing or soak feet in water…rejuvenating,right?I forgot to add soap,any kind,sorry too much excitement as am headed for my pedicure as i write this.Now back to work and stop so much talk,after time elapses,apply soap on the feet concentrating on the heels which tend to be quite rough.Let the water lather or form foam now start scrubbing or use the pumice stone and get rid of the dead skin on the heels and all your feet. Repeat until the feet feels smoother remove from water and dry.

We aren’t done yet,Did I mention moisturise your feet later and never forget to scrub the knees for a brighter finish as knees tend to be so dirty?Do that and you will feel like you just came from the beauty salon.Be gentle as a pumice stone can hurt if used roughly,OK?Apply a very very generous amount of oil or lotion or Vaseline or Valon,don’t know what Valon is don’t worry it’s like Vaseline,a #petroleum jelly i #love using.Please do wear cotton pair of socks and slip in a warm place.For those who find socks so annoying I would say,wear them before bed time so that the oil or jelly can be absorbed before sleeping times and help keep the feet…am almost done here,so exciting times with myself.Lemon?someone would ask me,lemon heals cracks on feet,it has medicinal values and i use it in almost everything in the home.

NB:Never forget to use the stick it acts as a way of removing dirt in  the nails and keeping them look nice.Be gentle though.Apply nail polish or #henna whatever is your preference,I use both as henna hardens my nails and nail polish is for upper coating.I do this on different days as henna application is time consuming.Above all,maintain a good diet by eating lots of foods rich in proteins and you will have very strong nails,no matter how many times you hand wash your clothes.

Price breakdown for my pedicure,lemon is 5.00,#

English: Pumice stones from the beach of the i...

English: Pumice stones from the beach of the island of Stromboli, Sicily, Italy Deutsch: Bimssteine vom Strand der Vulkaninsel Stromboli, Italien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

water is limitless available or just a two litre jug of water is enough,a stick,matchstick,3.00 and a pumice stone at 20.00 and Vaseline or Valon small is 25.00 shillings.This is a twice per week activity so you save a lot of money.SIMPLE but when i come out of the house,i hear…Is that pedicure?Please refer me to the salon you did that.”This is home-made makeover,i rant,so proudly”Then you MUST be an expert i will pay you a visit,You are welcome  but come with some cash,ha-ha is normally my reply. Henna is 20.00 and smallest nail polish at 20.00 but be careful to buy those that have paraffin in them,that is nail destroyer.Fresh nails for fresh start,each week!Do share your simplest home make overs here for other women to benefit.Your in put is highly appreciated.