Long Ago . . .

I loved to write here on Indomitable Woman . . . once upon a time.

I never knew how, what, where and why but I wrote for a while. Until I got lost in my writing to pursue other ventures. I have realised that even if and when you have moved on to pursue ”other ventures”, please, never abandon what you once loved or adored. That’s why I am back on here to continue pursuing this venture I adored, adore.

I’m hoping my subscribers, readers, followers and haters will be back to subscribe, read, follow, hate and comment too. I would love to write more here, so I’m thinking of posting thrice per week or often than that.

I dislike schedules because they confuse me, so let me say, as often as I can. So, know you’ll never lack something new to read each week. Something rich, vibrant, enormous, mind-wrecking, havoc causer, name it.

In this blog, I dedicated my time and effort to create it for the woman. I haven’t changed that because the woman is a dear topic to me and I know it well. I will feature the frugal fashionista as I had always done but it will be new and full of insightful moments from things I have learnt over the past three years. I will also include a new topic! Men. Why do we not talk about out men? This time, I will. I will talk about our men, the forgotten species. Be sure to check that segment out!

I will feature my journey in pregnancy, post pregnancy, pre pregnancy, what I learnt and I’m learning. The solutions I received. I will post pictures of my post pregnancy body. In this segment, I will reveal some secrets. Secrets I have been keeping away, how I overcame them, how I’m dealing with issues. So, for pregnant women, those planning on getting pregnant, please read, subscribe, comment anonymously because, we all have ”our issues”. The problem is who will hear, who cares . . . this blog does! We got your issues covered – anonymously.

A crafting segment will open up where I will discuss with you, what I am learning. What I am doing to make money, how I am doing it. I won’t reveal things I haven’t experimented yet but sharing for other women and men to try on isn’t bad, is it?

One surprising topic will meet my subscribers every day. Stay tuned, click subscribe and come back. This is where I learnt blogging, never made money on it, but would love to give it a go, see where it takes me.

Got writing jobs for me, send them my way. We can discuss the payment. I will include my address where you’ll get me. I love to talk – too much because I enjoy talking with you.

Thank you for listening . . . hoping to see you again for exciting adventure here on indomitable woman. Send my way suggestions for improvement, critics, annoyances and what not. Always looking forward to hearing from you.



Money has never been the root cause of evil…point of correction…it is the love of money…insatiable greed for more money is the root cause of evil.
To me,my wealth is this…food,clothing and shelter…simple and easy. Complicating life with living life on the fast lane is not bad…we all have different goals and ambitions,i never dispute that. Are you sure you have attained your ambition,goals? If not,wake up a very hopeful man or woman and keep telling yourself “I am going to make it”.
Then there is the goal of “Let me live my tomorrow now”,by this i mean,when you wake up in the morning,set a goal to achieve,walk by it and because you aren’t guaranteed of tomorrow do the best you can to achieve your ambition,today.
Procrastination is not so enticing,you have done,we have and i have…it is a waste of time.Never say i will do it tomorrow.
In search for money my friends,don’t use greed use patience,slow but sure. Go for money that will last a lifetime not one that in a matter of months or two three years you are back to where you began.
Accept at all times,downfall.Hard a blow but worth resisting but keep working to reach the heights.
Slow but sure you will have all the wealth,money in the world but remember whatever you acquire on earth remains on earth.Stop stressing and take a stride at a time.

Why love?

Is an emotion so deep that no one can really describe.It is intoxicating but not in a negative way.It has been termed by many as poisonous some as bitter and others bitter sweet,whatever the definition is to you,is up to you.Choose for love to be awesome and no matter how many times keep waiting until you get that special someone.Once you find that someone,keep him or her,never be obsessive or possessive.
It is the best feeling in the world but yet it can be the source of all the evil and psychopaths doings too.It can be conflicting sometimes.So go in it,not for the love of money or a face or nice butt but for the love you want to experience and share with others.Whatever you choose,try to fall in love and am certain there will be no regrets.
We were designed in a way that,we have to at least live with each other and be in love.It is just that we,humans have complicated love to and nowadays it has no meaning.Never say never though,there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel.Women and men are going out of their ways to search for this awesome,love,why don’t you?

Children are life teachers

I know you have some questions in your mind regarding children.Some can be quite ruthless,short temper and others just uncontrollable.You have to appreciate that in this world no person is the same as the next or the next and that will never be possible.This is what makes the world different from the rest and more interesting to live in.

Children are different and they are a gift from God,never take your child for granted as that is not good in the eyes of God.

Your kids no matter how you perceive them are so great and a blessing and that is the beauty of kids.

Kids are teachers and what you learn from them is unique and different to you.You learn communication and patience,you have to understand that a child needs so much patience from you.You have to teach yourself dialogue,talk with them children and not at them .

It helps to know that children also help in the dating scene especially if you are a single mum or dad looking to start a life out of the one you know with your child.A child will see the one who makes you happy and the one who completes you,and they will tell you,Mum or Dad that man or woman you are currently dating isn’t the best for you or for us.

Learn to be a good listener to your kids as they will copy such virtues from you.Don’t cut them short while they are talking but no matter how much they talk,listen.Never fake listening as that isn’t too cool either.Listen and provide guidance no matter what.

Have a great friendship with your kids and just be the first one they turn to whenever there is a problem a success or just about anything in their lives.Never abandon them to deal with things on their own but rather be their parent and their pal.

Exercise authority but not too much of it to the extent of making your kids be afraid of you.Balance between parent and pal,that is awesome if you can do it.

Pray for them always and speak great words,positive words before them and never negative words that affect them in a negative way.

Support them all you can and ask God to be your guide no matter how ruthless or outrageous you think your kids are.

God never made a mistake in making you are a  parent but He had a purpose for you to fulfil,that purpose is offering guidance to someone in this world.

Never be too busy for your kids.What could be more important in this world than your kids?Let work come later but your kids first.

What has your kids taught you?Is it something you would want to share.Say it loud here,this is an open forum for sharing and letting it out.

Have a great time and keep reading and enjoying.You all are awesome got questions,ask.Thanks for reading.


3 simple steps to restore hope.

Who hasn’t lost hope in their lives or some challenging situations in their lives? I have,not once but many a time in many situations. I have been realizing that in life, these challenges are supposed to build you and strengthen you and never break you apart or down.

At the beginning of the year, people set goals and ambitions for the year but what you forget is that goals change as time passes by as challenges threaten to tear these goals apart. There is hope though, three steps to rebuilding of hope.

Prayers are the most powerful tool in the world, we just refuse to see or we say we are too tired to do it or God doesn’t listen or He is not there. Am telling you this today, God is alive and very strong. He is a God of riches, we just refuse to be patient in Him and always want the easy way out. Keep trusting in our Father and pray ceaselessly all the time. In challenges, that is when you need to showcase your strengths.

Secondly, Never give up no matter what. You must keep your head high in challenges. Keep busy and let nothing weigh you down. Go about your daily activities like nothing is happening to you. Keep strong and keep going.

Lastly, never ever lose your direction and where you wanted to be and what you want out of this life. Stay focused. Your God, your father is high up, looking down and keeps track of your hardships. Why must you lose focus yet He has a great wonderful purpose for you on this earth? You are not finished, you have just started and you are not about to end no matter what.

The purpose for your challenges is not to make you give up but to make you a better greater person. Someone who through his or her challenges will help others and encourage them to be firm and steadfast. In challenges, you learn to appreciate others and human beings in general. You grow as a person and become awesome and better.

In Conclusion, never underestimate the power of challenges, these are what makes life very interesting and worth to live in this world. As an Indomitable woman, welcome challenges and let God do the rest but help Him by being the strongest and please never complain but say thanks all the time.

What are you facing? Care to share? It also helps to let it out. Here you will never be judged but helped in the best way possible by me. YOUR WELCOME AND ALL YOU,ARE AWESOME!!!

home beauty regimen tips

I have always insisted on using home products for beauty,it is always the best thing to do and helps bond with yourself.

In using home products,you will never go wrong and will know what works and what doesn’t.

So,start giving some of the tips a try and there are a few i also found interesting too,read and implement.Feedback is welcome all the time.


3 simple ways to lose weight naturally.

There are so many ways of losing weight and everyone is different and what works for you may not work for someone else.Recently,we saw a great way to lose weight through meditation and it is awesome.Have you tried it really?As for me am not trying to lose weight but gain weight a little as I have been told am a little underweight…ha ha.


I thought of three great ways to lose weight.How many times have you been told walk,walk and walk.Am sure you have heard of walk for so long.Yes and walking helps a lot.Walking is fun.In walking, you can take photos stop to see some exciting things along the way and it is stress free.You should enjoy walking rather than forcing yourself to do it.Losing weight through walking is a slow steady pace but it is worth it.Give it a try.

Belly dancing…have you ever tried to get your tummy into shape?Who hasn’t for that little black or flashing red dinner dress to fit nicely?Yes this is also a nice way to exercise.Belly dancing helps tone the body into a nice great figure,it helps tones the arms.Has anyone ever tried to lose weight this way?Give it a try,anything natural is always worth to give it a try.NO harm.Find a good belly teacher or you can consult You tube,there are great videos there to help you.

The third way is to eat healthy foods with lots of vegetables.How can you eat junk and lie to yourself that you want to lose weight?Prepare or even have a timetable for your meals to help you adhere to a new lifestyle.Changes here are natural,slow but if you keep at it,it will work out nice.Drink lots and lots of water.Water helps a lot in nourishing your body and keeping rehydrated.

Someone once told me that when i drink lots of water i lose weight as that space that is supposed to be taken by food is taken by water.I am not sure this is okay as I haven’t proved the theory yet.Actually,i believe this is starvation indirectly.Don’t stay hungry at all,starving is never the best way to lose weight.In starving you add more weight as the body metabolism fights to maintain the fat in the body hence you add more weight.

After all is said,i am hoping that you love yourself the way you are and are never suffering from low self esteem due to your body shape or weight.Love who you are.Don’t put too much effort on the outside at the expense of the inside.
Stay healthy and love life.Try these ways and give me results.Keep it natural always.Don’t try too hard.